Illinois Appeals Attorney Robert G. Black

Following the decision in a trial, a lengthy and challenging appeals process can begin. If the dissatisfied party chooses to appeal the decision, that case may be drawn out for months or even years. Many trial lawyers do not have the time or the capacity to dedicate to this time-consuming process. Their time, resources and talents are often better used in the service of other clients and other cases.

Still, it is important for the preparation of an appeal to receive the same care and consideration as trial preparation. Writing briefs and preparing oral arguments for an appeal are significant endeavors. There are many rules of appellate briefs and arguments that must be known, understood and followed precisely. Additionally, appellate preparation often requires in depth research to cite relevant case law and craft persuasive arguments. Consequently, many trial attorneys chose to outsource some or all of their appeals work to firms dedicated solely to appellate work.

At the Law Offices of Robert G. Black, P.C., a dedicated appellate firm in Illinois, a significant portion of our firm’s cases comes from trial attorney referrals. Attorney Robert G. Black has an exceptional reputation for appellate litigation and consultation throughout the state of Illinois. He offers attorneys appellate assistance tailored to their expectations. Whether you want to turn over a case completely, collaborate with our firm or get targeted consultation, we will work with you to meet your needs and capacity.

If you have a case that needs to be appealed or you need to defend against an appeal, contact us to learn how we can help lighten your workload and service your clients. Our firm has excellent working relationships with other lawyers throughout Illinois.