Illinois Appeals Attorney Robert G. Black

The initial judgment in a civil case is rarely ever the last word. Both sides of a lawsuit have the right to appeal the decision. If the judgment is not in your favor, you can file an appeal. If the judgment is in your favor, you may still have to deal with an appeal from the other side. Either way, the services of an experienced and knowledgeable appellate attorney can be invaluable. The Law Offices of Robert G. Black, P.C. are exclusively dedicated to appellate services for civil cases. Based in Naperville, our firm handles both state and federal cases throughout the state of Illinois.

Types of Civil Appellate Cases

Our firm handles a wide range of civil appellate cases including:

  • Catastrophic injury lawsuits
  • Medical malpractice claims
  • Business disputes
  • General commercial litigation
  • Estate contests
  • Marriage dissolution matters
  • Land use appeals
  • Eminent domain claims


No matter what type of civil case you have, contact us to learn how we can offer appellate assistance. We provide appeals services for both parties to a case and trial attorneys. We can serve as lead counsel, co-counsel or consultants depending on your needs.

Extensive Experience in Illinois Appeals Courts

Attorney Robert G. Black has been litigating and consulting on appeals cases in Illinois for over 30 years. His experience and reputation are impeccable throughout the legal community. the appeals process can be challenging and tedious. Attorney Black consistently demonstrates his penetrating insight into the law and his dedicated work ethic. If you have recently received a judgment in your case and are in need of experienced appellate counsel, contact us to schedule a consultation.