Chicago Appellate Attorney Robert G. Black

Some firms are multi-purpose and work in a wide variety of legal disciplines. At the Law Offices of Robert G. Black, P.C., however, we focus exclusively on civil appeals. Because we only handle appeals cases, we are able to dedicate ourselves completely to that pursuit. Our clients benefit from our decades of experience in appellate advocacy in both the state and federal court system.

Dedicated Appellate Service Throughout Illinois

Our firm handles appellate cases in a wide range of civil matters including:

  • Family law matters
  • Business disputes
  • Personal injury cases
  • Estate planning matters
  • Commercial litigation
  • Real estate and construction
  • and other practice areas


Attorney Robert G. Black has over 30 years of experience in appellate practice and is well recognized for his exceptional record throughout the state. We represent clients looking for additional or alternative counsel as they proceed though the appeals process. We also provide appellate services for attorneys in need of experienced and focused appellate consultation on ongoing cases.

Types of Appellate Services

Some cases and some attorneys require more appellate services than others. Busy trial attorneys may not have the time or experienced required to properly prepare a written brief or craft an oral argument. On the other hand, a trial attorney may only need to consult with an appellate attorney on issues of strategy. At the Law Offices of Robert G. Black, P.C., we offer all levels of counsel for appellate cases from serving as lead counsel to providing minimal consultation and everything in between. However our firm can assist in challenging or preserving the outcome of your case, we are prepared to work with you.

Contact us at our Naperville office to discuss your case and learn how we can help you proceed through the appeals process.